Upcomming Oggy Event; saturday 18th of November @ In De Ruimte, Gent. We present Magisch Denken #1, an evening with electronic live shows by Fetter, Moving Sigils and Thavmatvrgist + VJ Autocorrect. Records by DJ Skerm. More info below the flyer: 

- Fetter (NL)

With foggy, stumbling synthetic rhythms and tenderly woven vocal tapestries, Fetter produces layer by layer a haunting, arresting noise-pop.

Her warm voice guiding you through a saturated wilderness, Fetter's sound bridges the lo-fi surrealness of experimental electronics with the drama and magnetism of pop. Combined with her colorful self-made visuals, Fetter’s live sets are totally bewitching and hypnotic.

-Moving Sigils (NL)

Moving sigils is a project by digital artist / filmmaker Alexander Mangel and musician / composer Sjoerd Leijten, in which they develop an audiovisual feedback instrument. Images influencing sounds and vice versa.

They are in the middle of the artistic and coding process. At In De Ruimte they will give the first Belgium demonstration of their system and performance, in which audio programming environment SuperCollider and game engine Unity are used. Moving Sigils is made possible by the Creative Industry Stimulation Fund.

moving sigils from sjoerd leijten on Vimeo.

-Thavmatvrgist + visuals by VJ Autocorrect (BE)

Combine a visual post internet avant gardist with a electronic music rebel. Oggy Records initiator Oscar Wyers will perform under his Thavmatvrgist moniker and will play a live set with two laptops and a drumcomputer, deconstructing and editting his own productions on the fly. The meaning of trainwrecking a mix taken to another level! This performance will be the soundtrack to the visual fantasmagorics of VJ Autocorrect.

+ After and in between shows: records by DJ Skerm of Kerm Records!