Our latest release "Minnowahaw" by experimental composer Sjoerd Leijten is officialy out 01.05.2020. The project started with Sjoerd being invited to make music for a found footage super 8 movie for a special event in Amsterdam. He showed it to me when I was still living in Ghent, somewhere in the winter of 2016. I was very impressed by the work, and Sjoerd and I started talking about doing a release on Oggy Records.
Since then Sjoerd worked on some versions and invited close friend and artist Joeri Lefévre to make a cover. Now fast forward to 2020 we are proud to present "Minnowahaw".

Take a look at the "Thai Vacation" video at Sjoerd's website here <---.  (Don't forget to unmute the sound with the sound button!)

Read more about Minnowahaw here <---.

Check out Minnowahaw and other releases at our bandcamp page.